Get a Free Roof

When You Install Solar

Qualify for Free Roof

There’s a simple trick to getting a free roof from the government…

bad roof
If your roof looks like this you can get it replaced for free when you install solar.

It’s installing solar. For every solar panel system installed on a home, the government gives back a 26% credit of cost of the panels – yes, cash in your pocket! This cash credit can be used towards a new roof. 

You may be wondering, “what happens to my power bill when I install solar?”

I most cases, the power bill is now lower than your average bill, and consistent due to the solar energy you produce. 

Work with The Solar Turtle and learn how to get your free roof today! But don’t wait… the credit is going away as solar becomes more popular. Applying now will get you the most money back for your roof.

Qualify for Free Roof

2020 Solar COVID Stimulus

The United States Government is giving back an average of $7,500 for every solar system installed. Only a handful of homeowners qualify for the stimulus.

Qualify for Stimulus


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